The Capsule Wardrobe for Fall 2015

First it was Normcore and now The Capsule Wardrobe. As most of the world can tell you, this new trend of pairing down your wardrobe could also simply by called ‘Life without Expendable Income’. Nonetheless, I’m pleased with my industry’s ability to keep it real. Or as they might call it, Basic Bitch.

A capsule wardrobe, for the unititiated, means boiling down your wardrobe’s contents to what:
1. fits you CURRENTLY
2. is in season
3. is versatile

I jest at the irony of creating a trend from the plebian reality of most global closets, but it’s actually a great idea. You don’t have to be a diva with a designer closet to need some Fall cleaning in there. According to a recent Wall Street Journal article, just 20% of your clothes make it off the hanger for a day out.

Crucial note: Jewelry does not count as a number in your paired-down wardrobe (thankfully for me), nor does any other accessory, gym clothes, gowns, or undergarments (though we really just cycle through 2-3 bras anyway, right?).

Could you downsize to 10 tops & 5 bottoms? This is how I would do it…

The Capsule Wardrobe

Tops: (1) Plaid or chambray button-down, (2) striped boatneck (3) White blouse (4) Black blouse (5) White t-shirt.
Pants: (1) Blue skinny jeans (2) Black trousers (3) Neutral cargos (4) Black leggings (5) A-line skirt (6) long skirt (7) Pencil skirt
Outerwear: (1) Blaxer (2) Hoodie) (3) Jean jacket or bomber jacket (4) Trench (type) coat (5) Cozy warm sweater
Dress: (1) LBD (2) Casual weekend dress (3) Cocktail wrap dress
Shoes: (1) Booties (2) flats (3) tennis shoe (4) wedges (5) pump (6) sandles

Honesty, writing it all out, it seems like a lot of clothes. And if you see me around, I guarentee I’ll be in my skinny jeans, euro-sandles, top-of-the-day, and some sweet jewelry.

Birthstone Chart Galore and Gemstone Meanings

If you’ve ever been told your birthstone is different than what you thought it was, it’s because no one seems to agree on what they are. There’s an Ancient Birthstone Chart, a Modern Birthstone Chart, a Semi-Precious Birthstone Chart (think Turquoise and Coral), and a Precious Birthstone Chart (think Diamonds and Sapphires), a mystical one, an ayurvedic one, etc… The one thing all these birthstone charts tend to agree on is color.

For readers on the go, the first one is your incomprehenisve cheat sheet. Scroll on for a better understanding, more birthstone options to choose from (“no, honey, the ancients say my birthstone is diamond”), and for more attributes that will make you think something like this: “Oh, I AM loyal and courageous. No wonder!”

Birthstone Chart

January   Garnet   Emerald Garnet
February   Amethyst   Bloodstone Amethyst
March   Aquamarine   Jade Bloodstone
April   Diamond   Opal Diamond
May   Emerald   Sapphire Emerald
June   Pearl
  Moonstone Alexandrite
July   Ruby   Ruby Ruby
August   Peridot   Diamond Sardonyx
September   Sapphire   Agate Sapphire
October   Opal
  Jasper Tourmaline
November   Yellow Topaz
  Pearl Citrine
December   Blue Topaz
  Onyx Zircon
Lapis Lazuli


Birthstones of the Zodiac

Aquarius Jan. 21 – Feb.18   Garnet
Pisces Feb. 19 – Mar. 20   Amethyst
Aries Mar. 21 – Apr. 20   Bloodstone
Taurus Apr. 21 – May 21   Sapphire
Gemini May 22 – Jun. 21   Agate
Cancer Jun. 22 – Jul. 22   Emerald
Leo Jul. 23 – Aug. 23   Onyx
Virgo Aug. 24 – Sep.22   Carnelian
Libra Sep. 23 – Oct. 23   Chrysolite (Peridot)
Scorpio Oct. 24 – Nov. 22   Beryl
Sagittarius Nov. 23 – Dec. 21   Topaz
Capricorn Dec. 22 – Jan. 20   Ruby

Gemstones and Their Meaning

Buy agateConsidered a protective stone. It is believed to attract strength and offer protection from bad dreams, stress and the draining of energy. Agate is said to balance energies and awaken talents.
Buy amazoniteBelieved to have a soothing and calming effect. It accomplishes this by dispelling negative energy and allowing us to let go of sadness and grief.
Buy natural amethystCalms the emotions, encourages clarity of thought, and assists in attaining wisdom. Amethyst is a stone of the mind which brings calmness and clarity. Amethyst is said to attune its wearer with intuition, feelings and values. It has long been regarded as an aid to sobriety and is useful for combating alcohol, food and other addictions. It is also thought to ease obsessive-compulsive behavior.
Buy apatite from GemSelectA gemstone of communication. It is believed to help stuttering, hypertension and to assist its wearer in overcoming sadness and grief. Apatite is said to help fight viruses and promote the blending of old with new in one’s life.
Buy natural aquamarine at GemSelectAssociated with courage and the release of anxiety and fear. It is thought to soothe, calm, alleviate fear and to help relaxation on long journeys. Many believe that it protects sailors at sea, and prevents seasickness. Tradition holds that it gives insight and promotes mental clarity.
Buy aventurine from GemSelectA stone of opportunity that is believed to attract prosperity. Some advise to keep an aventurine in your left pocket when you are buying a lottery ticket or playing any game of chance.
Blue Topaz
Buy blue topaz from GemSelectAssociated with courage and overcoming fears and obstacles. It is a traditional stone for writers, scholars, artists and intellectuals, since it is used to encourage higher thinking. It is said to ease mental anguish and promote fidelity, friendship, gentleness and integrity.
Buy natural chalcedonyConsidered a sacred stone by the Native American Indians, chalcedony nurtures and promotes brotherhood and goodwill. Chalcedony is said to alleviate hostility, irritability and melancholy.
Buy natural citrineSaid to open the mind to new thoughts and balance impatience and restlessness. Citrine is thought to promote optimism. It also attracts abundance and is known as the “merchant’s stone”; it is often placed where business is conducted, not only to acquire wealth, but to maintain it. It is also good for mental focus, endurance and self-esteem.
Buy diamonds at GemSelectBelieved to absorb and amplify the thoughts of its user, as well as the strengths and weaknesses of other gems and their wearers. The ancients also used diamond for detoxification as it is said to protect from poison.
Buy natural chrome diopsideThought to be a cathartic stone that is believed by crystal healers to heal trauma by bringing forth cleansing tears. Diopside is believed to foster creativity, love and commitment.
Buy emerald from GemSelectTradition states that emerald aids fertility, improves eyesight and gives the wearer psychic powers. It is also believed to lift depression and relieve insomnia. Promotes self-knowledge, peaceful dreams and encourages balance and patience.
Shop for natural fluorite gemstonesThought to balance and stabilize intuition. Regarded as an aid for learning and lateral thinking. Fluorite is believed to improve the ability to concentrate.
Buy garnet gemstones at GemSelectRegarded as the stone of passionate devotion; toward family, friends, the self, and purpose in life. Believed to stimulate the senses, and increase vitality and stamina. Garnet is thought to attract good luck in business ventures.
Buy natural iolite gemsSaid to be the stone of inner vision. Believed to assist one in achieving a higher awareness level. Also thought to be useful for the elimination of debt and to increase financial responsibility.
Buy jade at GemSelectA stone of serenity. Thought to alleviate anxiety, fear and to promote good luck. Jade not only brings prosperity, but encourages its wearer to hold on to money. A traditional charm for gardeners, jade is said to ensure bountiful harvests.
Buy natural jasper gemsIs associated with relaxation, contentment, compassion, nurturing and consolation. Jasper is said to relieve mental stress and help to achieve balance in life.
Shop for natural kyaniteA calming stone, it helps to quiet the mind, dissolving emotional or spiritual confusion. Kyanite is said to be particularly good at dissolving anger and frustration.
Lapis Lazuli
Buy lapis lazuli gems from GemSelectAn ancient stone said to represent friendship and truth. Lapis is believed to help bring about harmony in relationships. It is a stone of wisdom and awareness.
Buy natural moonstonesEncourages communication by promoting clear thinking, inspiration and receptivity. Also assists in the fulfillment of one’s destiny. Long regarded as the gemstone for psychic abilities, wish fulfillment and balancing the emotions, moonstone is said to help in wish fulfillment, and is thought to work better on things that are needed rather than things that are just wanted.
Buy onyx gems at GemSelectBlack onyx is said to repel negativity and deflect the negativity of others. It is a gem thought to enhance determination and perseverance.
Buy opal at GemSelectRegarded as a stone strongly associated with the emotions, including love and passion. It is also thought to promote spontaneity, imagination, dreams and healing.
Buy natural peridot from GemSelectThought to strengthen life, bring about prosperity, growth and increase openness. Peridot is also believed to help one understand relationships, and to alleviate depression, anger, fear, jealousy and anxiety.
Buy prehnite gems at GemSelectA gem with a mystical aura, prehnite is said to be the stone of remembered dreams, meditation and prophecy.
Rose Quartz
Buy natural rose quartzKnown as the stone of “gentle love”, rose quartz brings peace and calm to relationships. Excellent for healing emotional wounds, removing negativity and restoring harmony after conflict. Promotes appreciation of the arts.
Buy natural ruby gems at GemSelectFamous as a protector from misfortune and bad health, ruby is also used to open the heart and promote love. Given as a gift, ruby is a symbol of friendship and love. The ruby is also a symbol of vitality and royalty.
Rutile Quartz
Buy rutile quartzSaid to intensify the power of quartz crystal, rutile quartz is thought to assist one in getting to the root of a problem.
Buy natural sapphireLong associated with peace and happiness, and believed to help with communication, insight, intuition, inspiration and prayer. The ancients believed that sapphires could help them to predict the future.
Smoky Quartz
Buy smoky quartz from GemSelectBelieved to be nature’s stone of endurance, fostering serenity, calmness and positive thoughts.
Buy natural spinel at GemSelectSince spinel was confused with ruby for centuries, it has not acquired the richness of meaning associated with other important gems. But it is said that spinel is helpful for relaxation and releasing worry. Since spinel is one of the very few singly refractive gems, it has a purity of color that may be the basis for its symbolic meaning.
Buy tanzanite at GemSelectA recently discovered gemstone, but said to be connected with the traditions of the Masai tribe, who believe that it has healing properties. The Masai give tanzanite to newborn children, since it is thought to represent life.
Tiger’s Eye
Buy tiger's eye at GemSelectSaid to help convert anxiety and fear into practical logic and action. Believed to promote balance and strength in difficult times, and to relieve doubt.
Buy natural topaz from GemSelectThought to calm a bad temper and give strength. Topaz is said to improve mental clarity, focus and to increase confidence. It is also recommended for mood swings, insomnia, worry, fear, depression and exhaustion.
Buy natural tourmaline from GemSelectTourmaline is said to strengthen both body and spirit. It is believed to attract inspiration, aid concentration, encourage balance and promote understanding. It is also thought to calm nerves, sooth grief, promote balance and build self-confidence.
Buy turquoiseBelieved to attract money, success and love, turquoise is a stone of friendship in many cultures. Native Americans associated the colors of turquoise with the blue sky and the green earth. It is still seen by many today as being symbolic of our roots in nature.
Buy natural zircon gemstones at GemSelectSince the Middle Ages, zircon has been believed to encourage spiritual growth and the promotion of wisdom. It is said that those who wear zircon will find beauty and peace.
Source for gemstone meaning chart.

I would sure appreciate you sharing!

Underneath it All: Women and Their Rituals

Everyone is naked in here. More accurately, those who are naked create an aura of full nudity for the locker room as a whole. At the risk of misrepresenting myself, I admit I kinda like it. I’m not a nudist and don’t care to cast my eyes where they aren’t welcome. It’s just that, until I joined this very naked gym, I hadn’t seen many women, in the buff, who honestly reflect the varying shapes, contours, and imperfections of a real woman’s body. We see naked or mostly naked women in all our media, and while there’s nothing more to be said about the misrepresentations it imposes, we still are rarely, if ever, confronted with the rolls, scars, hair, veins, flat chests, saggy chests, sun spots, bra straps lines, and waistline indents that cower under our clothes.

Women Primping
Additionally, and decidedly more interesting to marvel at, this room of naked older women finishing aqua aerobics, MILFs in Lulu Lemon, nurses with their uniforms on hangers, and too many other women to stereotype, each have their own unique ritual for washing and primping post-workout.

Women Primping

Should you believe that every other woman can simply shake out the water from her wet hair, dab a little concealer and lip gloss, sling on her gym tote and join the day again, you’re wrong. They have grooming ceremonies. Some line up their beauty tools in preparation for the forthcoming 30 minutes of hair and make-up. Others scrub their faces clean and apply lotion everywhere in a sort of communion. Some stay in undergarments during this process. Others completely dressed.

Women Primping
The part I like best is looking up from my own ritual and finding a transformed woman beside me. I first laid eyes on her in her natural state, and then again as she chooses to represent herself to the world. Her two faces often seem more strangers than twins. Perhaps I first took her for a free spirit and then she reveals herself as polished, flawless, and ready for the daily grind. We all start as fresh-faced girls, then ceremoniously step into the phone booth, out of which we emerge as our super woman counterpart.

How My Tramp Stamp Keeps Me Honest

A Tramp Stamp, as many of you know, is the unfortunate and hysterically apt description of a tattoo, often of a tribal variety, etched forever on the lower back of impressionable young women who prefer their dance floors to double as tables and their men to woo them with Alabama Slammers and muscle tees.

Five years prior to the induction of this trend and it’s accompanying title (thank you, Wedding Crashers), I was wrapping up my last semester of college before returning to Spain where I had been living intermittently for some time. I was quite pleased with myself for my brave and independent spirit and felt melodramatically moved to commemorate this youthful breeze with a tattooed reminder for keeping it real. “I can’t regret this”, I confidently reasoned. “Because that would make me the kind of person I’m warning myself against.” Twenty-year-olds! (shakes head slowly). So, I went to a little tattoo parlor in the yuppie part of Georgetown in D.C. and got some ink… of the lower back, tribal variety. “What a clever & concealable place to put such a brilliant reminder”, I thought. “So much more original than a Chinese character on my ankle!” Cut to…

Wedding Crashers Tramp Stamp

Well, crap. I didn’t see that coming.

The truth is I can’t even see it, and there are other more prominent tattoo trends-gone-sour that could be itching through my skin. But I’m embarrassed enough and conceal it when I can. It certainly doesn’t help that my husband does a Schadenfreudian chuckle when it comes up (*note…Schadenfreude is when you’re amused by someone else’s misfortune. There’s no less pretentious word that holds the same meaning here).

Dumb Tattoos

If you have one of these, don’t worry. I have a tramp stamp.

I’ve been in business 11 years, and as my company has grown (in breadth and community), I’ve felt inclined to suggest that my management has as well. But in actuality there has never been more than 5 of us. Like the tramp stamp, I hide something whose repercussions are artificial and probably nonexistent. No one cares how many people work at Catherine Nicole, so long as the jewelry is well designed, well-made and they’re treated like the most valued customers on earth (which they are to me). By concealing truths about the brand in an effort to control the company image, I inhibit my customer from truly connecting with me and my community of smart, kind, engaged women. I know many of these women, and the type of woman Catherine Nicole attracts wants to feel like her most independent and vibrant self. Of course, she can follow my post-expatriate example and tattoo her lower back as a reminder… OR we can just remind each other by keeping it real on the daily.

What can you do?

Celebrities with Tramp Stamps: Kate Moss, Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts, Jessica Alba, Antonio Sabato Jr, Ben Affleck, Drew Barrymore, David Beckham, Anna Kournikova, Christina Ricci, Kyra Sedwick, Danika Patrick, Angelina Jolie

Tips and Trends in Online Shopping Behavior

Business-owner to business-owner, let’s admit that it’s impossible to surf and skim every blog and industry article regarding the ever-evolving online shopping landscape. I can’t help you much there, but here’s a quick cheat sheet of the latest stats, tips and trends in online shopping behavior.

Tips and Trends in Online Shopping BehaviorInfographic Source

Giveaway! Gorgeous One-of-a-Kind Journal

I have the most gorgeous one-of-a-kind leather journal from Jenni Bick Bookbinding to giveaway. It has hundreds of handmande pages (that are all different) for all your dirty secrets, invention sketches, and the clever ideas that you’ll forget in the morning. It retails for $100 and is a truly beautiful bedside mate that won’t steal the sheets and will immortalize your brilliant thoughts. Here’s how to win it! (1) Follow @JenniBick on Instagram (or Facebook if you don’t ‘gram) (2) Comment here (or on my instagram post) that you want it! …Extra Credit… Pin some of these images!

Good luck and may the odds be ever in your favor!

Sand Dollar One of a Kind Leather Journal from Jenni Bick BookBindingSand Dollar One of a Kind Leather Journal from Jenni Bick BookBinding

Sand Dollar One of a Kind Leather Journal from Jenni Bick BookBinding Sand Dollar One of a Kind Leather Journal from Jenni Bick BookBinding Sand Dollar One of a Kind Leather Journal from Jenni Bick BookBinding


Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: Your Ultimate Guide to Mother’s Day 2015

No one will every say that motherhood’s a piece of cake. There’s a lot to keep track of when you’re charged with tiny human life and possibly a job, home, partner, pet, leaky roof, and infinite amounts of dishes, laundry and groceries. So, chances are, there’s probably someone you know who deserves a hat’s off this Mother’s Day.

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Ok, let’s break it down; first by person, then by price.

Your mother: She birthed and raised you, and she kept it all together for years and years. Now, she continues to give you unconditional love and support.

Mother's Day Gifts for your own Mom
(Click the last image or HERE for links)

Your baby momma: She hasn’t showered in 3 days, and she always has a snack in her purse when it didn’t even occur to you. She impresses you every day with how naturally she’s taken to all the newness in your lives and how she manages to remember everything that everyone in the house needs or may need. Yes, that’s an iPad speaker case.

Mother's Day Gifts from the Kiddos

(Click the last image or HERE for links)

Your grandmother: She sure would be touched that you thought of her this Mother’s Day. While you’ve been off discovering the world, she been quietly watching the whole time and telling all her friends of your triumphs.

Mother's Day Gifts for Your Grandmother

(Click the last image or HERE for links)

Mother-in-law: Historically and in popular culture they get a bad wrap. But not yours. Yours has been loving and accepting to you, and she’s taken you in as another child to her. She’s the kind of woman that would raise the kind of man that you want to marry.

Mother's Day Gifts for your Mother-in-Law
(Click the last image or HERE for links)

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: Gifts under $25

(Click the last image or HERE for links)

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: Gifts under $50

Mother's Day Gifts Under $50

(Click the last image or HERE for links)

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: Gifts over $50

Mother's Day Gifts over $50
(Click the last image or HERE for links)

So, this mother’s day, make sure you let her know you appreciate her. Even if it’s simply a card or a phone call. …. But preferably jewelry from Catherine Nicole or a spa day.

The Ultimate Mother's Day Gift Guide

Bloomingville patterned bedding
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14k gold bracelet
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Pendants necklace
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Chain link necklace
Cushion cut ring
Statement earrings
Cuff jewelry
Tri color jewelry
Bridal jewelry

Bohemian jewelry
Pendants necklace
Pendants necklace
Body cleanser

Philosophy bubble bath
La Marca Prosecco
Islander Leather Photo Album Cranberry
Sterling Silver Glass Locket (Long)
Belle Glos Dairyman Vineyard Pinot Noir 2013
Valentine Mini Heart Dinnerware
L’Occitane Beautiful Hands Set
philosophy The Lemonade Stand Kit
Objects to Desire | TokyoMilk by Margot Elena
Coffee Ring statement Mug. “But First, Coffee Milk and Honey coffee…
Ulster Weavers Seasalt Cornish Garden Quacker Gauntlet
$18 –
Home decor
Anemone Enameled Tumbler

New Trends in Wedding Jewelry and Accessories

If you’ve been harbouring a secret wedding board on pinterest for the last few years (I know you have), chances are it’s filled with dresses, decor, flowers, engagement rings, chalk board signs, couples posing inside an empty picture frame, etc… but with nary a drop earring or pendant necklace in sight. Your money and effort have gone into the gown, and the bridal jewelry is generally an afterthought. Don’t be mistaken though– if you think of your bridal ensemble as an opportunity to create a look that inherently expresses who you are as a woman (or to just be your hottest and most elegant self), then you need those accessories to take it from average bridal pretty to phenomenal.

Pinterest Wedding Board

Here in Austin, bridal jewelry is explorative, creative and unafraid, as is Austin fashion in general. While most brides want to focus all eyes on the gown they’ve probably been dreaming up since childhood, bridal jewelry (as well as head pieces and shoes/boots) is a great way to make that wedding look entirely original.

No matter what look a bride is going for, whether its modern, elegant, bohemian or classic, here are some new trends in the world of bridal jewelry and accessories that can fit virtually any look.

(pro tip: Long earrings will elongate the appearance of your neck in a lovely and feminine way)
Gold, Gold, Gold

White gold and silver have long been the classic accent colors for bridal gowns, but this season, embrace gold. This metal is a symbol of elegance, so why not wear it on your wedding day? Gold shoes, gold purses, gold belts and, of course, gold wedding jewelry can have you feeling like royalty on your wedding day. Personally, I think gold is more flattering to almost every skin tone (yes, I mean pale too).

Statement Bridal JewelrySarah and Rosina Photography
A Pop of Color

Unless you want to horrify grandma, you’re proabably wearing white to your wedding. But that doesn’t mean your accessories can’t bring a hint of color to the look. Go bold and add your “something blue” with a dangling pair of indigo statement earrings, or consider something more subtle with a light rose colored pair of crystal stunners. Color is a powerful way to express yourself, and wearing it on your wedding day is a great way to show off your unconventional side.

Something Blue #2all earrings – Catherine Nicole, headband –, hair pins –, veil – 
Head Turning Veils

There are few more traditional wedding moments than when the father-of-the-bride (FOB, if you will) lifts his daughter’s veil and kisses her before giving her away. Let’s be honest, though, it messes up your hair and dilutes the wow factor of your big reveal. Most brides that wear a long veil don’t even take adventage of it’s face-concealing objective anyway. If you want to wear a veil as a nod to a classic wedding accessory, feel at liberty to play with veil shapes such as birdcage veils, or even consider the new trend of colored veils. The idea of a wedding veil may be traditional, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t make the veil itself more spectacular. The rose colored tinted veils are truly lovely.

Catherine Nicole Bridal Jewelry
Statement Pieces

Statement pieces are a great way to bring the wow-factor to a wedding gown. Brides wearing their hair up can opt for large chandelier or crystal statement earrings, while brides donning strapless styles, can go for a large head-turning statement necklace. A tip for brides, when it comes to statement pieces, only choose one item for your big day. While wedding jewelry is a great way to make a wedding dress your own, too many statement pieces at once can distract from the dress itself.

Smokey Quartz Teardrop EarringsBeret Fascinator by Milli Starr
Bride-Worthy Crowns

Every bride should feel like a queen on her wedding day, so why not wear a crown fit for a queen? Floral crowns are a stunning statement piece, as are vine-inspired metal crowns. These are a great accessory for a bride wanting to show off her ethereal side. The lovely bride shown below made her own. She’s also wearing gorgeous Catherine Nicole bridal earrings and kick ass cowboy boots.

Catherine Nicole Bridal JewelryBrad Barnwell Photography
Initial Necklaces

If you’re already layered up with a cool hedpiece and gorgeus earrings, you may want to go easy on the wedding necklace. Our letter necklaces add a sweet detail that pays homage to the vows you just took, and is the perfect transition into your new life as a ‘Mrs.’ You can wear your partner’s initial, your new last name, or both. (These neckaces can be made with as many letters as you need).

Triple Initial Necklace in Goldbridal-letter-necklace-in-your-new-initials-3


Cool shoes

There’s no need to wear white shoes on your wedding day, unless you found some you really love. You probably won’t see them anyway, and if you do.. well, that’s all the more reason for them to be strikingly great. Plus, you’ll be more likely to get later use out of them if they aren’t so bridally. That is, unless your new puppy destroys them soon after the wedding. RIP, my fabulous wedding shoes (bottom left).

Incidentally, if you want to follow our not-so-secret wedding board on pinterest, you can find it here.

What to Wear This Spring

When the annual New York Fashion Week and Fall previews blew through Lincoln Center, the ladies of New York donned their most camera-ready crazy and waited to see, read, and snap the stunning looks that came with it. The runways were filled with statement-making frocks, bold accessories and fresh florals that have us all ready for spring weather. While 2015 promises to have you running to the stores (…or rummaging through old clothes that are ready for their reprise), here are some ideas of what to wear this spring to stay right on trend through Fall 2015.

What to Wear this Spring

Brilliant Boho

Boho is back this season (for me it never left), and we couldn’t be more excited to see these earthy looks on the runway. We love the boho chic look, because its really got personailty and makes you feel a little more free. Even if you aren’t ready to don a floral kimono or long sleeve maxi dress, it is easy to embrace the boho style with the right accessories. Jewelry can go a long way when it comes to creating a boho look. A few of the right layered necklaces, stacked bracelets or even a fun headband can give a classic outfit a slight boho twist.

Spring 2015- Bohemian Cool

Feminine Florals

Can’t decide what to wear this spring? You can’t go wrong with anything flower print. While florals have been a staple in spring fashion for decades, this year, floral prints are getting a much more modern update. Bigger prints, bolder colors and more eye-catching styles are all in for this season. Everything from sleek boxy crop tops to floor sweeping maxi skirts are getting the floral treatment this season.

Cropped Tops and Sheer Styles

Once again skin is in this spring, so expect to see lots of cropped tops and sheer fabrics. The great thing about the evolution of this style, is that many designers are making these trends far more versatile. Sheer mixed with daytime florals and more conservative crop tops are making these trends appropriate for everyday wear. Plus, we’ve found if you embrace this trend in moderation, any skin-bearing style can still have a hint of sophistication.

Crops & Sheer

Ladylike Leather

Leather is another wardrobe staple that was in last season and continues to be one of those must-have spring fashion trends. This year, designers are making leather much more spring-friendly, so you can wear this trend way past winter. Leather jackets, shorts and skirts were seen on designers from Saint Laurent to Chanel, in sleek, clean and ladylike style. However, the real way leather is going to stand out this season is in accessories. Wide leather belts are back, while bold leather accents, cuffs and necklaces can all add a hint of edge to an otherwise feminine outfit for looks that can be both bold and beautiful.

ladylike leather

Spring is right around the corner, and the spring looks are already here. Git your purse and go!

($5 from every sale helps turn impoverished girls into
entrepreneurs. Shop now and a donation will be made from your purchase!)

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