Kids Fall Style Guide: Tots Edition

If you have little children, particularly ones that just went back to school, pre-k or daycare, you’ve probably found that your fall fashion budget is destined for smaller people. Here’s my toddler fashion round-up and a glossary to online children stores for when you splurge beyond Carters and Target, but want something different than Janie and Jack.

Children's WearFrom MyLittleJules

Fall Fashion for the Little Ladies… 

Zara Kids- Ahhh, I’m so excited my kids fit into this now. I feel a little sick at how cheap some of it is though. I mean, you can buy a top with pin tucking, embellishments and hidden buttons for $7.90. That might be too cheap for my conscience.  Most of the really cute stuff, though, is about $25-$38.

Sweet William Ltd- This store carries a lot of great (and pricey brands). When you want to splurge, it’s a great site to wander.

Kickee Pants- This brand is great for newborns. The fabric is crazy soft and it stretches as your baby grows. It’s like buying the same piece for 3 sizes.

Baby Gap- My top pick for boy clothes. I’m not into clothes with sayings like “Cool Dude” and “Totally Adorable” (you can tell that by looking at my kids!), and I’m not one to offer my children as walking billboards for cartoons they’ve never seen. I like how BabyGap keeps it classic kid with good design.

Tea Collection- My sister would be disappointed if I didn’t include this shop. Great for comfy bohemian play dresses.

H&M Kids- I love their boys clothes, especially their sweaters and henleys.

Ralph Lauren Baby- Another good one for infants. Obviously pricey, but great from some special pieces.

BodenCrew Cuts (J.Crew), Crazy 8Old Navy

What else am I forgetting??? Please comment if you have any other favorites..

Culture and Counterculture of Women for the Past 100 Years

I want to share with you this cool project I came across from 16-year old photographer, Annalisa Hartlaub. She examined the looks of popular culture and counterculture, decade by decade, and reveals her findings to us in a series of self portraits.

Annalisa Hartlaub1920s: Mainstream vs. Flapper (photos by Annalisa Hartlaub)

Annalisa-Hartlaub1960s: Mainstream vs. Hippie (photos by Annalisa Hartlaub)

Check the whole series out HERE!!

The Truth About Mom Jeans

Hi Readers!

I’m back from maternity leave (again) and ready to dive back into our style chats… starting with the apropos topic of Mom Jeans. A lot has changed in my world (and in my body) recently… specifically pregnancies, hormones, childbirths, and the doors closing on my youth. As anyone who’s been there can tell you, none of these things are designed to keep you looking hot.


“Oh we’re so free and light and can wear whatever we want, and are totally ungrateful for our perky boobs and stellar metabolism.”

thirties with kids

Unless you’re Elle McPherson (bottom right), you may be feeling more constrained. You need structure to hide your rolls and you’re not trying to allow anything to reveal itself by a gust of wind or a bending movement.

Thankfully, however, I discovered something amazing on a post-partem shopping excursion for jeans ….{drumroll}….  The reprise of the high-waisted jean.


(TopShop and Urban Outfitters even have a “Mom Jean” now, but I didn’t include them… They’re too ironic-mom for my taste)

Ahhh, glorious jean that sucks in our bellies right at their fattest point. It lifts and hugs our butts to display them like Vanna White proudly directing our eyes to a new sports car. It shapes us like we are meant to be shaped, for all our curves and womanhood. It tributes our waist at it’s smallest circumference. And we can bend over without showing thongs that makes us look slutty, briefs that make us look frumpy, or that tramp stamp we got 15 years ago, before it became a thing.

High-Waisted Jeans

High-Waisted Jeans

High-Waisted Jeans

High-Waisted Jeans

What took so long? Why have we been walking around with flat butts and muffin tops, trying to look like ravers? Ok, I may specifically be talking to my own age group right now. At any rate, the low waisted jean needs a break, as all trends do, and they just aren’t as feminine.

I’m not talking about your average Mom-Jean, people…

“Give her something that says, ‘I’m not a woman anymore; I’m a mom'”.. Oh no, no, no.. No, we’re not talking pleats, elastic waists, and bland color washes. We’re talking about a Marilyn look.

So bend over to pick up your little people or strut around in heels, knowing that you look like a woman. The Mom Jean doesn’t have to be an out-dated wash, baggy on the butt, and no shape. You can flatter and embrace your new body, and look glamorous doing it.



Amy Poehler cool mom

…Thoughts? Comments please!

Snowy Days Gettin’ You Down?

I know, its cold and grey in most of the country, and you’re over it. Just go with it, rock it out for work, add a happy pop of color, and know that Downton Abby and your sweatpants await when you get home.Grey Days

Mini stocking

Grey bootie boots

Mixed Metal and Turquoise Cuff

Matte Silver Earrings

Fair Trade Skinny Silver Braided Cuff

To Thy Own Self Be True

Hello, readers! Have you missed me? Aside from filling orders, I’ve been busy child-rearing and other related activities. But I’ve missed you. So, let’s get back to it, shall we?

I’ve recently been thinking about a theme that often comes up for me in my line of work, and that’s the distinction between fashion and style. Have you ever looked at images like the ones below, and thought ‘That looks cool, but how does someone like me pull that off?’. The short answer is: In your own way.

Are the looks we like attainable?

Sadly and amazingly Fast Fashion stores have made most trends available to us. You may wonder if you know how to put these looks together and if you can pull it off. BUT what you should really be asking yourself is, should you? For example, I love girlie retro silhouettes, flirty skirts, and red lipstick, but none of those work on me. I feel like a kid itching her way through church clothes and ready to jump back into overalls and play. It’s just not me. I’ve grown to know my body and my boho style, and when I play to that, I feel much more confidant and sexy than when I try to make myself something I’m not.

On a Blog Vs. In Real Life
Fat Face tunic, $72 / Dorothy Perkins black jeans $39/ Steve Madden black boots $190/ Hobo handbag $389 / Ray-Ban sunglasses, $210

When you see a certain look in a magazine, blog, trashy celeb weekly, etc.. what is it that you like about it? What do you see of yourself in that look? In the look above, I like the cozy girl-next-door vibe of the big sweater, but the sexiness of everything else being sleek and revealed. Realistically, though, I’m not going to pick my son up from school in that outfit, and if I didn’t work in the fashion industry, I wouldn’t show up to work like that either. So you use the runways, magazines, and fashionistas as inspiration and translate the looks into something that works for your body, your personal style and your lifestyle.

On a Blog vs In Real Life
Sam&Lavi shirt top $112/ Moschino high waisted skirt $140/ Fogal black pantyhose / Ann Taylor pointy-toe pumps $128/ Zara black bowler bag $129/ iHeart slouch hat, $180

‘Fashion’ is a craze, a fad, and a business industry. ‘Style’ is a manner and an approach to that industry. Your style is how you make your physical look an extension of who you are. In the words of Mark Twain, “naked people have little or no influence on society”. So since you have to get dressed, make yourself feel the most bold, the most confident, and the most YOU that you can.

To Each Her Own

I was truly saddened by Fashionista’s “A Tale of Plastic Surgery, Scandal, and Pageant Prisoners” yesterday. The accompanying email features an image of the Miss Korea Pageant contestants, looking shockingly similar, and the article examines the plastic surgery epidemic that accounts for the clone-like results.

miss korea

They claim that double eyelid surgery has become so commonplace there, that Koreans hardly even consider it a surgery anymore. On further investigation, I came across a devastating picture, which I’ve decided not to post, of a once very beautiful woman who deformed herself by injecting cooking oil into her face.

What has become of our world when we’ve boiled down beauty to a look so specific, that we need to transcend ethnicity in order to achieve it? Don’t you remember those Benetton ads, when for a brief moment we lived in sweatshirts and celebrated the differences that our ethnicities bring to our face and world?

United Colors of Benetton

United Colors of Benetton Women

Personally, I look at the image of the Korean beauty pageant contestants, and I don’t know or care who’s the most beautiful. They’ve intentionally covered up all the character that I find most beautiful in a face. To me, there’s nothing sexier than a woman confidently laughing, or owning an unusual feature. Yes, the contestant are all exceedingly beautiful by modern standards, but what do they tell us about themselves?

Average Women Faces

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that I’m opposed to plastic surgery. In fact, I was in an accident when I when 19, and I gladly had a bump on my nose removed when the doctor fixed the adjacent bump from the accident. I asked the doctor if he could just give me a button nose while he was at it. He actually said no. He said that, while it would look pretty, I would no longer look like me.  I’ve never loved my nose, but he sure was right about that.

What I’m saying is, perhaps, we should just laugh a little more, rock out our gap teeth (in Lauren’s case) or a Jewish nose (in my own), and be thankful for the faces God/Nature/Ethnicity/Genetics/Life has given us.

Lauren Hutton Circa 1975
“I‘m not part of the cultural elite. I’m a down-home girl. Always have been, always will be.” – Lauren Hutton

($5 from every sale helps turn impoverished girls into
entrepreneurs. Shop now and a donation will be made from your purchase!)

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Fall Accessories Guide

For those of you who still get the back-to-school shopping jitters, here are a few ideas, all under $200, to get you started with Fall accessories.

Fall Accessories Guide

Shoulder bag

Topshop Clutch

Topshop duffle bag

Gold Arrow Ring

Green Onyx Gemstone Ring

Gemstone Bib Necklace in Onyx

Iphone case

H M infinity scarf
$12 –

H M leather glove
$23 –

H M leather belt
$20 –

Topshop Belt

Topshop preppy glasses
$21 –

($5 from every sale helps turn impoverished girls into
entrepreneurs. Shop now and a donation will be made from your purchase!)

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Loungewear to Live in

Have you ever noticed that girls in movies, regardless of the character’s income level, have perfectly soft and form-flattering loungewear and pajamas? Obviously they’re never see-through, and they never have nipolitis, but c’mon! Your character would never have spent that much money on sweatpants… PS- where are they from?

LoungewearFrom Venus et Jude

You may ask “Does it matter if I look cute when I’m lounging at home?” If you don’t live alone and there are several months of the year (9 in my case) when you plan on wearing loose and mostly jersey-knit garb, than you may want to step-it up.

Here are some ideas by category. (Disclaimer: I didn’t choose for price.)

1) Straight-Up Comfy. I don’t care about anything else. Pass me the remote.

Cozy Loungewear
Splendid three quarter sleeve top / Splendid block top / James Perse jersey robe /Anthropologie Robe / Daniel Buchler relaxed fit pants

2) Will probably get you lucky, and you’ll look like you weren’t trying

Casually Sexy Loungewear

3) Loungewear you can get away with on the street… At the grocery store- not the club.

Loungewear You Can Wear Out
Current/Elliott sweatshirts hoody / James Perse / Chaser top / James Perse / James Perse / SUNDRY sweat pants
Thoughts? Pins? Comfy, expandable waist recommendations?